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Alicja - Channel, Angel and Tarot Card Reader

Alicja has been helping people as a psychic channel her whole life. She is a channel for the Ascended Masters known as "The White Brotherhood of Light". She utilizes their teaching in her practice as a channel, angel and tarot card reader. She has trained with Doreen Virtue and in Native American Shamanism. She is also a registered nurse who has worked in all facets of emergency care.

She has written extensively about overcoming fear through love. In 2017, she wrote a channeled book "Never Fear Change" where she shared her journey of childhood realization of being able to communicate with beings from other realms and sharing channeled messages of love and hope that are relevant for all individuals in our world today.

Alicja’s unique experiences and abilities as a channel help her connect to a person's spirt guides who offer messages of loving guidance and answer the client's questions. All information is ultimately channeled through love.