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Intuitive Reader Claircognizant Psychic & Medical Intuitive, Spiritually Aligned Business Mentorship, Teach of Various Spiritual Topics

Angi was naturally intuitive and a natural energy worker from early childhood. During her youth, she self-developed her spiritual gifts using her innate gifts and cosmic connection to spirit. She has been providing readings since she bought her first deck in 2000. Forever a lover of learning, she continually trains to further enhance her native skills to offer readings, healing sessions, and practical techniques to bring spiritual empowerment and growth to each person she connects with. Angi mostly uses tarot cards for her readings and a combo of other tools such as handwriting analysis, oracle cards, and pendulum.

To work with Angi, it helps to have an area of focus to concentrate your reading on. Readings with Angi are very grounded and provide practical guidance to assist you in continuing to align your life with your greatest soul path. If you want to know about spirit guides, angels, twin flames, and ET's... Angi can definitely go there, you just have to ask... because her readings typically give real life answers to real life topics. Expect to leave your reading motivated and empowered to make changes in all areas of your life.

She teaches her tried-and-true techniques of spiritual development to those who are committed to enhancing their own psychic gifts. She mentors those who want to live their true authentic soul purpose, thus honoring the highest path they came here to live during this lifetime. Setting an intention after your reading can ensure you reach your goals faster and with more alignment with your higher self.