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Arunas & Migle


Arunas & Migle - Dowser/Energy Healer & Channeler/Spirit Artist

“Emotional Trauma Relieve Through Multi-Level Energy Fields Clearing & Re-Balancing”

Arunas Ambrukaitis BIO:
Arunas' healing gifts blossomed over a decade ago, when his young son developed severe Tourette's syndrome with debilitating vocal tics. Doctors offered a grim prognosis—vocal Tourette's cannot be cured, only suppressed with medications. As a devoted father, Arunas refused to accept this fate for his precious child.
He embarked on a metaphysical quest to find alternative healing solutions, tirelessly seeking out the best psychic and energy healers across Lithuania, Russia, and Persia.
Driven by love, Arunas became a master healer himself. He pioneered unique healing modalities that cured his son, enabling the boy to begin college at 16 free of Tourette's. Arunas' healing gifts continue to evolve as he develops new ways of helping those failed by traditional medicine. His track record boasts proof through ultrasound, lab tests, imagery, client accounts, and more.
He shares his gifts generously, participating in metaphysical fairs, mentoring students, and leading an international Facebook group "Dowsing, the other way around". With an open heart and mind, Arunas transformed adversity into service. His healing journey inspires hope and expands our understanding of what is possible.

Migle Land BIO:
Gifted intuitive Migle blends psychic abilities with artistic vision, accessing otherworldly dimensions. Her innate compassion led her into nursing, tending to patients' physical and spiritual needs. Through this work, Migle realized inner life shapes outer reality.
Migle's art overflows with spiritual presences and healing energy. Her intuitive readings emerge through her drawings as she connects profoundly with each client. Migle's uncanny accuracy and insights mesmerize those seeking guidance.
Experience Migle's transformative art on her Facebook page "Spirit Essence Art." Private readings are available during scheduled healing times. Migle frequently shares her talents at psychic fairs and Florida art galleries. As both psychic and artist, Migle illuminates the mystical dimensions shaping our lives, revealing truths and mending souls through her creative gifts.