Clairvoyant, Clairsentient Intuitive and Medium

Laura Westfall is an internationally sought-after clairvoyant, clairsentient intuitive and medium. She spent over 20 years working with Tarot, using a direct connection with spirit guides and higher-self to give powerful guidance with a loving hand to assist in breaking long standing emotional blocks. Laura also incorporates many modalities in her Divination work with Tarot including:  Vibrational Clearing, Kundalini Chakra, Crystals and Stones, Sound-Toning work, Floriography (language of flowers), and Herbalism for clarity with all life's complexities.
Laura appeared as medium for smaller and large groups for many organizations and has offered mediumship and classes at the “Spirits of Colorado” Paranormal Convention for over 10 years and has been included in published works regarding historic paranormal sites.
Laura enjoys working with people who come from diverse and varying paths to divinity. And for over a decade she has initiated or ran several public and private spiritual groups, including military based groups supporting the spiritual needs of our troops, connected with business world with blessings, and readings at multinational corporate events.  Laura gives workshops and convention/forums on Tarot Reading, eclectic Greencraft, Divination, Mindful Sacred Space, and Channeling.
I continually learn to give my intuition and divination a fresh voice, guiding clients to the purest energy and information that most helps in accordance their own Highest Good and Universal Divine.

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