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Rosa - Spiritual Intuitive, Empath & Healer

Many guides in Rosa’s life have instructed her in ways of “seeing” – spiritually, metaphysically, culturally. She praises the ancestors who continue to guide her as a spiritual intuitive, empath and healer. Rosa hears, sees and intuitively knows what her clients need to hear. She hears the ancestors -- her own spirit guides as well as those of her clients -- as they convey their wisdom and messages. Those that come forth are not always relatives, but those on the spiritual plane who connect with us in life. Spirit provides counsel, guidance and sometimes step-by-step instruction to Rosa’s clients. On occasion readings are supplemented with tarot, utilizing the original Rider-Waite deck she purchased 33 years ago. She instructs, in workshop and individual settings, on topics including identifying one's spiritual guides, and visioning and action to maximize one's life.


Rosa learned from her mother as they practiced in their AfroCuban traditions. She was fortunate to have mentors nearby that coached her to develop her gifts at an early age. She was ordained in Yoruba tradition in 2009, when she received her name Iyademi. Rosa is a trained communicator, facilitator, program manager, and mother (iya). She is a social entrepreneur who coaches nonprofit organizations toward refining their purpose and sustainability. Her current avocation is to record her AfroCuban heritage as a study of migration and assimilation into the US cultural/racial landscape. Her work is now in the Smithsonian Institution, and she was recently featured in an article on diverse voices in Sarasota Magazine. A native of Washington, DC, Rosa relocated to Sarasota during the pandemic. She is part of an extended metaphysical community in Maryland.  Her latest passion is gardening -- added to dancing whenever she can and to whatever music is playing.