Astro Magic Full Moon Candle


Magic, imagination, mystery are the blessings of the full moon. The full moon teaches us that the magic of manifesting our dreams comes when we fill ourselves with the intention and passion of what we desire. It is owning this passion throughout body, mind, and spirit, that magnetizes the outcome of our desires into our reality.

A blend of jasmine and frankincense in an ivory 1.5" x 7" pillar with 40 hour burn time.

Landscape of Mothers- Nature Archetypes as a Guide to Mothering


Landscape of Mothers is a map of the places I had to go in my inner world to reclaim my Self inside my role of mother. The landscapes are the map locations: sun and moon, wind, desert, island, mountain, river, forest, and ocean. Each location has a gift that is important for mothering. For instance, Wind Mother has the gift of trust, Forest Mother's gift is belonging, and River Mother's gift is purpose. Just like when you take a trip, Landscape of Mothers offers a directory of possibilities but doesn't determine your experience. There are "itineraries" to choose from, but the experience is your own to create.

Moon Phases Scarf


These vibrant and stylish scarves from Danica Studio will be your new favorite accessory. Wrap each scarf around your neck or head for a fun addition to your outfit. Also, tie onto a tote bag or purse for some added flair! The Ink scarf features a pompom trim.

  • Size: 31x43"
  • 100% Cotton
  • Hand wash, hang to dry
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